I am a gifted energy healer and psychic. Communicating directly with our human bodies fills me with immense  joy. Our bodies are more than just a shell for our spirit. They have a consciousness and deep wisdom that only a being with direct physical connection to the earth can have. By tapping into this wisdom and forging a mutually supportive relationship, we can connect deeply with the Earth, our bodies and our life’s work. We will be physically supported as we raise our vibration and the vibration of the planet. 

I combine energy healing with direct communication with your body. I can sense energy, especially in terms of stagnation, flow and balance. Then I use my own healing abilities and connection to source to help your body find its own energetic flow.

I have the unique ability to dialogue with your body, gaining valuable information and insight regarding its needs. You will leave each session with written, specific actions you can take for creating a more loving and partnered relationship between your body and your spirit.  You will also feel a deeper connection with your body.

I received three levels of Reiki attunements over 20 years ago and within one year the energy quickly shifted beyond Reiki-specific healing. Currently, the energy that comes through is finely tuned to what you and your body need. Frequently, it is a blend of healing energies from the Earth, the Universe and other realms. I study the energetic properties of food extensively and weave this knowledge into my work as well. I am able to do long-distance healing as easily as in-person. 

In addition, I have a bachelor’s degree in Community Health, am a postpartum and birth doula, trained as a macrobiotic chef and am a Rouxbe certified plant-based chef.