Create a deeply connected, healing and loving relationship with your body.



Moving through life with confidence and ease.

Having a direct link to your body’s wisdom.

Being fully present and supported to move more deeply into your life’s calling.

Feeling truly alive and inspired by your physical body.

Feeling more deeply connected to all life, including your closest loved ones.

Having the information to make important decisions about your body and your health.

Your human body is full of inherent wisdom. One of my gifts is to help you learn to connect more fully to this wisdom.

Together, we’ll create a seamless connection between your spirit and your human body. You’ll discover what it feels like to walk through life fully integrated, connected to your body in every moment.

As a child, I was deeply connected to nature and to my physical body. This is not always honored in our world and at some point the strength of that connection became compromised. I didn’t even realize what was happening at the time. It has taken me years to piece together and heal my relationship with my sweet, precious body. I now realize that our human bodies are so much more than we are taught to believe.

Currently, my heart overflows with love and compassion for my body. I am able to see her wisdom, strength and the deep love she has for me. I am committed to making sure she never loses her voice again. She is integral to my life here, an equal partner with my spirit, as I navigate life on this planet. I would not have a life without her and she is a crucial part of my team as I move forward into the work I am meant to do on this planet.

I am a gifted healer and intuitive. During our first sessions together, I act as a bridge of communication between you and your body.  I am able to listen and feel deeply for the messages your body is telling us about what it needs to feel healthy, deeply connected and joyful. As our time together progresses, we will work together so that you gain your own  skills to communicate more fully and openly with your body. You will be in direct, loving partnership again. The way it was always meant to be.


I am available for in-person and phone sessions. I travel between Portland, OR, Seattle, and Bellingham, WA. Please contact me to schedule.

You may also email or schedule a free 15 minute conversation to ask any questions you may have.

I look forward to meeting with you!

With Love,